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New York Times Bestselling Author + Collaborator + Ghostwriter

Find Your Voice.

Tell Your Story.



Amazon #1 New Release

Harper Wave

One of Real Simple's

Best Books of 2022

Putnam Books


New York Times Bestseller

A Reese's Book Club Pick

Putnam Books



Sam is a master at understanding a subject and a point of view deeply and then able to write for any format--books, podcasts, email newsletters, social and documentary (treatments). She was a vital teammate on the work we did on Fair Play for Hello Sunshine, Reese Witherspoon's media company. Sam is an idea generator and an excellent executor and partner.

Thank you to my writing partner Samantha Rose. Having a mind-meld with someone doesn't happen often and it happened with you. Your professionalism, writing style, humor and patience are unparalleled. Let's keep changing the world together!

Sam Rose has a true

instinct for channeling an author's voice and story, and I appreciated her collaborative spirit, flexibility, and commitment to the project [What's Your Heaven].


EVP, Business & Brand Development

Imagine Entertainment

New York Times Bestselling Author of Fair Play 


VP, Editorial Director

Harper Wave Books


Thank you! I appreciate your high standards and excellent writing... and most of all, you are a pleasure to work with every step of the way. I can't thank you enough for your contributions to Fair Play. It wouldn't exist without your hard work. Congratulations!


Executive Editor

G.P. Putnam's Sons

Penguin Random House

Samantha Rose is not only a highly talented writer, but a competent and professional collaborator. She completely embraces, creates and delivers the content and marketing materials that best reflect me and my brand. Her priceless contributions to my writing projects and books, done with great care and skill, have taken my message and business to a whole new level.

Bestselling Author, Psychic Medium, Inspirational Speaker

To the woman who was with me every step, word, edit and phone call of the way-- my coauthor Samantha Rose. I told you things that I've never shared with anyone, and you formulated it all into this kick-ass book. Thanks for being so cool and creating this with me. It has truly been a joy to work with you.


New York Times Bestselling Author &

TV Personality

Samantha Rose should be in every author's (and agent's!) address book. Whip-smart, with keen insights into the marketplace, she is a true partner in honing a manuscript. If you're looking for a sharp, savvy, responsive collaborator in the writing process, give her a call.


Editorial Director

Perseus Books

I had the pleasure of working with Samantha Rose on The Suja Juice Solution. I could not have been more impressed with her work. She kept the project on deadline and turned in a voice-driven and well-organized book

that is sure to be a hit with readers. I highly recommend her!


Executive Editor

Grand Central Life & Style

Working with Samantha Rose is nothing short of magical! I have never experienced a more seamless and natural collaboration with anyone. She really took the time, interest and care to understand who I was and the story I wanted to tell. She captured my voice and the heart behind my content which, to me, was priceless. 


New York Times Bestselling Author & Co-Founder of Suja Juice 

Samantha Rose is a pleasure to work with- supportive, responsive, and feels like my teammate. From the moment my book came out she used her thoughtful and creative ways to develop my How Toddlers Thrive website, and has been the force behind my monthly newsletters.  Her collaboration is a gift!


Director, Barnard Center for Toddler Development

Samantha Rose made this collaboration another fun and unforgettable story in my life! You have my deepest gratitude and appreciation. You supported,  encouraged and were able to express my thoughts and memories beautifully. As the book came to life, so did our friendship. I’m forever grateful.



CCO of Vera Bradley Designs

Samantha Rose is a total joy to work with; she is a thoughtful and creative collaborator, has a great ear for voice, and brings invaluable insight to every project. She's great with deadlines and brings coherence to every piece of writing connected to the project!

Executive Editor
Simon Spotlight

Writing a book about another person’s life and experiences can be challenging, but Samantha has truly mastered that skill. In writing my memoir, she really got into my head to capture my voice and my experiences. Samantha is a uniquely gifted writer, as well as a patient, educated professional who understands the publishing process from start to finish. 


America's Exotic Pet Vet & Author of Unlikely Companions


As any of our former English teachers will tell you, we're not exactly Hemingway and Fitzgerald. Fortunately, our coauthor Samantha Rose stayed awake during her English classes! She spent hours with us, listening to what's in our heads and hearts, and turned our words and advice into this essential go-to guide for parents.



Founders of Babyganics

& Authors of Baby Safe in 7 Steps


Tremendous gratitude goes to my cowriter, Samantha Rose.I am truly amazed at how quickly you came up to speed on over a decade's work and study, all with grace and ease, and translated it into a truly nourishing and transformative tome. Without you, there would be no book.


Weight Loss Coach & Author of Full-Filled




Samantha Rose is a New York Times bestselling author specializing in literary support and book collaboration

Samantha Rose is an Emmy-award winning television writer and a New York Times bestselling author specializing in literary support and book collaboration with celebrities, experts, entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Her narrative, non-fiction projects fall under the categories of health &

wellness, spirituality, personal growth, diet, how-to, business, parenting and memoir, including titles that have been translated into more than 20 foreign languages. Samantha is the principal of literary development and the head of client relations for Yellow Sky Media, her company in Petaluma, California.



Author Samantha Rose writes full-length proposals and coaches promising authors how to write non-fiction book proposals

Book Proposal: Your finished book starts with the book proposal. This is where you outline in detail your big book idea in hopes of grabbing the attention of a literary agent or an acquiring editor at a reputable publishing house who says, "We simply must buy this book!" My proposals sell to publishing giants like Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, Rodale and Macmillan,  St. Martins Press and the Hachette Book Group. I specialize in practical and narrative non-fiction book proposals that are agent-ready to pitch and sell (and often in the 6 figures!). In addition to writing full-length proposals, I offer private coaching to aspiring authors who wish to craft their own with editorial direction and support.

Book Creation & Co-Authoring:  

I collaborate with best-selling authors, celebrities, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change makers. 

And building working partnerships is the most rewarding aspect of my job. This is because I'm genuinely interested in people's lives (fascinated and inspired by, really) and by the stories only you can tell. The writing process I also love, and that comes second, after I really listen to you. Once I've captured your voice and developed an appreciation for the story you want to share, the pages come together kind of like magic. Either I take the editorial lead or we work hand-in-hand, co-writing together in partnership to create a finished book that is a true expression of you.

Author Samantha Rose is a co-author and ghostwriter of non-fiction books
Author Samantha Rose of YellowSkyMedia offers editorial support

Editorial Development & Doctoring: Perhaps you have a finished book proposal or a completed manuscript, but you need an editorial hand- someone to offer honest feedback and analysis, provide a sound developmental edit or thoroughly line edit your work. This is a crucial step and I'm here to help. By working directly with you, collaborating with your agent or acquiring editor, I'll refine and clean up your pages until they're rock-solid ready for submission or publication.

Book Marketing & Awareness: 

Once your manuscript is complete (whew!), the hard work really begins - you must generate awareness of your book and connect with your readers. Prior to your book’s release and beyond the pub date, I can help you create written materials for your marketing and publicity team in the form of  jacket, catalog and ad copy;  email, newsletter and branded web copy; as well as original marketing content for print outlets, social media channels, blog tours and webinars. 




I value clear project expectations, open communication, and creative collaboration. If you do, too, let's be introduced! I represent clients all over the country, and I welcome

direct emails from you to say hello and get a conversation started.

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