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What's Your Heaven?
7 Lessons to Heal the Past and Live Fully Now
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From internationally acclaimed intuitive self-improvement advisor and psychic medium Rebecca Rosen comes this powerful guide to overcoming harmful intergenerational patterns and tapping into your own divine guidance to start living the life you were born to lead.


With prompts, exercises, and thought-provoking questions to help you push through challenges and road- blocks, What's Your Heaven (Harper Wave, 2023) offers a powerful answer to the eternal question: why are we here?

"Rebecca uses her unique gifts to show us how we can find our true purpose and embody it. You don't have to be a 'believer' to benefit from this book-- you just have to have an open mind and an open heart." ― Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times Bestselling author

Find Your Unicorn Space
One of USA TODAY'S 5 Books Not to Miss
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From the New York Times best-selling author of Fair Play comes an inspirational guide for setting new personal goals, rediscovering your interests, cultivating creativity, and reclaiming your Unicorn Space (Putnam, 2021).


Rodsky reveals what researchers already know: Creativity is not optional. It’s essential. Though most of us do need to remind ourselves how (and where) to find it. With her trademark mix of research-based, how-to advice and big-picture inspirational thinking, Rodsky shows you a clear path to reclaim your permission to have fun, manifest your own Unicorn Space in an already too-busy life, and unleash your special gifts and undiscovered talents into the world.

"Magnificent! Rodsky illuminates the importance of investing in the creative pursuits that make your life more deeply fulfilling." ― Reese Witherspoon

Fair Play
New York Times Bestseller
One of Forbes Best Books of 2020
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Eve Rodsky presents a game-changing, sustainable solution with Fair Play (Putnam, October 2019) – a system for rebalancing the domestic workload between partners and putting an end to the invisible work that women do, regardless of whether they work outside the home. Using a set of four rules structured as a “game” between two partners, Fair Play identifies the 100 main tasks in any marriage and then shows, step-by-step, how to divide those tasks fairly (not necessarily equally!) so that both parties contribute their share. 


Fair Play is a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Reese Witherspoon’s Hello Sunshine media company, and Rodsky has been personally tapped by Reese as an expert on this topic for a new generation of women.

"... potentially revolutionary" - Booklist

A Colorful Way of Living

Book Proposal and Book Creation

From the co-founder of the Vera Bradley empire, a practical and inspiring book that shows women how to awaken to their full potential, at any age.

A Colorful Way of Living: How to Be More, Create More, Do More (St. Martins Press, April 2017) offers practical, inspiring advice to empower women of all ages to navigate life by the values that provide the foundation of the Vera Bradley empire. Women looking for the encouragement to start a new chapter, women balancing career and family, and new graduates entering the workforce will all benefit from Baekgaard’s learned wisdom and how it applies to career, life, and relationships.

"In a breezy and friendly tone.... Baekgaard’s optimistic take on life and values-based leadership style will inspire readers."― Publisher's Weekly

What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well
National Bestseller
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In What the Dead Have Taught Me about Living Well (Rodale, February 2017), internationally-renowned bestselling author, inspirational speaker and spiritual medium, Rebecca Rosen walks you through an equally ordinary and extraordinary day in her life and reveals how she tunes in to see, hear, and feel the presence of spirits to help support and guide her forward.


Through personal insights and shared extraordinary stories from the Other Side, she answers the question: How can my departed loved ones help guide me to live my best life?

"Poignant, spiritual, powerful and heartfelt." ―John Edward, psychic medium and New York Times bestselling author

Unlikely Companions

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Unlikely Companions: The Adventures of an Exotic Animal Doctor by Laurie Hess, DVM (Da Capo Press, an imprint of Hachette, Fall 2016) is part memoir, part mystery, and part day-in-the-life of a wife and mother who works to balance a lively home life and a career running an exotic animal hospital, and who finds herself in a race-against-time to uncover why the fastest-growing exotic pet – sugar gliders – are mysteriously dying across the country.


"A heartfelt memoir on the power and depth of human-animal bonds."―Library Journal


“An easy-reading, enjoyable stroll in Hess's shoes.”―Booklist

"It's that sentiment and respect for exotic animal parents that comes through on the pages of Unlikely Companions​... a love letter to those who adore their pets" ―PetMD

The Suja Juice Solution
New York Times Bestseller
Book Proposal, Book Creation

 The Suja Juice solution: 7 Days to Lose Fat, Beat Cravings and Boost Your Energy (Grand Central Publishing, Spring 2015), features an easy-to-follow weekly plan with over 75 recipes, shopping lists and mix-and-match meal plans. An all-in-one resource designed for readers to detoxify and lose weight without deprivation that will put you on a life-long path toward improved health and sustainable wellness.

"The Suja Juice Solution will shift your perspective from quick diets and crash juice fasting to a holistic and sustainable approach to food choices. "―Vani Hari, activist, author of The Food Babe Way, and creator of

Baby-Safe in 7 Steps

Book Proposal and Book Creation

Baby-Safe in Seven Steps:  The Babyganics Guide to Smart and Effective Solutions for a Healthy Home (Ballantine, an imprint of Random House, Spring 2014) is the how-to instruction manual connecting the dots for the millions of urban, suburban and rural moms ages 25-34 who already self-identify as living the “BabyGanics Lifestyle,” and who want to apply the baby-safe philosophy to the rest of their lives. 

"[An] informative and chatty guide... writing with Rose, Schwartz and Garber draw on their expertise as fathers and write in a dad-next-door tone."―Publisher's Weekly


Awaken the Spirit Within

Book proposal, Book Creation & Marketing Support

In her second book, Awaken the Spirit Within: 10 Steps to Ignite Your Life and Fulfill Your Divine Purpose, (Harmony, an imprint of Random House, 2013) international bestseller and acclaimed spiritual medium Rebecca Rosen offers us an inspired and invigorating prescriptive program to give our lives clarity and deeper meaning.

Rosen’s upbeat, love-centered message lends every passage a similar tone. Generally easy to read, Rosen’s stories flow gently from one to the next… offering beginners and believers alike a friendly look at the spirit world and its usefulness in our earthly lives.”―Publisher’s Weekly

"This book is a empowering guide to your genuine truth, authentic power, and sustainable peace." ―Gabrielle Bernstein, New York Times bestselling author of May Cause Miracles 

Control the Crazy
New York Times Bestseller
Book Proposal,  Book Creation & Marketing Support

In Control the Crazy: My Plan to Stop Stressing, Avoid Drama, and Maintain Inner Cool (Crown Archetype, April 2012) Vinny Guadagnino, known as the “voice of reason”  on Jersey Shore, MTV’s top-rated series of all-time, reveals his lifelong struggle with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), a condition he shares with over 55 million others in the United States alone.


He outlines the specific steps he uses, on and off the set, to confront stress and anxiety-related challenges and reclaim a sense of personal power and freedom that is youthful, approachable, fun to read, and communicates a deeply personal story and a motivational message for Vinny’s generation.

"Impressively good read." "One of the best books of its kind." "Very practical." ― 5 out of 5 Star Amazon Reviews


Book Proposal and Book Creation

In Full-FilledThe 6-Week Weight Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food—and Your Life (Simon & Schuster Free Press, December 2011), leading weight loss coach and host of the iTunes top weight loss podcast Renee Stephens shares the breakthrough lessons of her popular work, and develops them into a complete, step-by-step program that will radically change how you think about and behave around food.

“Written with great warmth, wit, and insight, this book offers a realistic way to let go of unhealthy eating habits by giving yourself the nurturing and compassion you actually crave.” ―Kristin Neff, Ph.D., author of Self-Compassion: Stop Beating Yourself Up and Leave Insecurity Behind

How to Shop for Free

Book Proposal,  Book Creation & Marketing Support

Kathy Spencer, a nationally recognized Extreme Couponer, can whittle a $267.22 grocery bill down to one penny. Kathy’s step-by-step savings guide teaches anyone who likes to get something for nothing how to shop for free (Da Capo Lifelong Books, November 2010).

“Boston shopping maven Spencer sure knows her stuff– that  is, how to take advantage of coupons, in-store sales, rewards clubs, and the like to reap bargains for nothing (or close to zero). With the help of writer Samantha Rose, the author takes us through a whirlwind of savings strategies and ideas, always executed on the up and up.”  ―Booklist

“A great basic introduction to shopping with coupons and bargain shopping in general. It really takes the process step by step…How to Shop for Free will certainly help you reduce your expenses.” ―

International Bestseller
Book Proposal, Book Creation & Publicity Content

Spirited: Unlock Your Psychic Self and Change Your Life (Harper, February 2010) empowers readers to heighten their intuition, connect with deceased loved ones, and surpass the psychological roadblocks holding them back .

Fans of James Von Praagh and John Edwards will find direct, down-to-earth advice on how to draw on the power of their intuitive gifts and gain the clarity necessary to master real-life issues, including relationships, job fulfillment, finances, and body image.

“ [Her] conversational tone and easygoing sense of humor lend warmth and accessibility to her otherworldly journey.”
Publishers Weekly

The Package Deal
National Bestseller
Book Proposal, Book Creation & Marketing

Samantha’s own memoir The Package Deal: My (not-so) Glamorous Transition from Single Gal to Instant Mom (Penguin Random House, May 2009) published under her pen name Izzy Rose, was a national best seller that premiered on the San Francisco Chronicle best seller list and was a Target Bookmarked pick.


"A hilarious, honest, heartfelt look at what it means to take on a family that isn't your own...Izzy Rose rocks it."

―Maria Dahvana Headley, author of The Year of Yes

"A laugh out loud memoir packed with good advice--a much needed resource for the fledgling or soon to be stepmother." ­Sally Bjornsen, author of The Single Girl's Guide to Marrying a Man, His Ex-Wife and His Kids

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